Block Lay

After much anticipation and planning, we set off today to lay the blocks. I kinda feel like these things should have a different name than “blocks”. They’re more like square boulders. The crane is still broken so we used a lift thingy. Not quite sure exactly what it’s called. The shot I got of it is kind of blurry and most of my attention was on the blocks.

We started in one corner and checked for level with each block. There was no stringing of the blocks because each one provided enough run that we were able to check them individually and one to another.

It was also nice to have such superpower help on board.

Starting in one corner and working our way around, the first course wasn’t that bad.

The second course was another story. Since I was using corner blocks for the long run on the second course, I had to knock off some of the notches running in the wrong direction (because they’re meant to be used on corners). I had to use these corner blocks, though. On my 20′ wall, 6′ or 3′ blocks wouldn’t divide in to 20′ evenly without cutting them.

There was a lot of inaccuracies in the blocks. Length-wise they were pretty good, but when it came to width, some blocks were an inch over 2′ and some were up to two inches under. I’ll have a good bit of mortaring to do to clean up the joints, but I can live with it.

We got rained out towards the end of the day, but were able to complete 2 full courses and 2 blocks of the 3rd course. One thing is for sure, this is one hefty basement… I promise I’m not a doomsday prepper.


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