Site Excavation

Earth has been moved. We dug the foundation/basement out yesterday and today. Although you can’t really say me… I just sat back and watched. Excavation equipment is amazing and super fast. The operator, Phil did an extremely professional job.

     There were at least 15 stumps to remove and all of them were out by lunch time.

After lunch, the crew spent the afternoon digging the hole. I had to leave for work and left it when it looked something like this.

The next morning when I returned, it was like coming back to paradise. I had a big hole with packed clay walls and a level base and I was thrilled. The sun was shining in through the trees and it was just brisk enough to warrant a hoodie. I know I smiled at that scene for a good 15 minutes.

     Today was spent admiring the previous days work and digging a ditch for the french drain and basement drain runoff. We plan to tie in the downspouts to this drain as well. It was scheduled 35 pipe used for sewer line. It’s able to take the weight of anything driving over it and connects easy with a quick lube and push. (Pervert that if you must).

     Next step will be a gravel base and walls to follow. Thank the Lord for a “so far so good.”


2 thoughts on “Site Excavation

  1. Eddie stewart March 26, 2015 / 7:53 am

    Read the entire blog. Excited to come up and see your work.

  2. jlough8788 March 26, 2015 / 11:36 am

    Excited to have you come up, brother!

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