Ready To Dig

It’s been months in the planning and now we’re about ready to begin. After talking with my excavator, some trees needed to be removed before he could dig us our hole. I was partly saddened by this news. Trees make me quite happy, and shade is something I value greatly, but there are a couple reasons why it was necessary other than to make room for equipment.

First, trees do not stand forever. Especially trees that already show signs of rot. There were many maples on site that did not look promising for the future. I most definitely did not want these future house crashers hovering above our little home. Secondly, trees in the forest are in competition with each other for sunlight. This means that the roots go out very far to support the top heavy tree shooting for the daylight. If I dig a hole and cut out one side of the root system, that top heavy tree will lean in the direction of the hole…aka, my house.

We were able to harvest some of the nicer logs to be sawn later on the sawmill. All of them were maple, and spalted ones at that. There was one maple that had a ridiculously beautiful spalted pattern to it but had too much of a bow in the log to make decent boards from. Here it is after being cut.

     One maple looked very promising. Given 10 more years or so, the inside would have begun to hollow. It seems as if we got it at just the right time. I can’t wait to see the boards from it.

     In the end, we’ve cut around 15 trees and the site is not longer a wooded paradise. However, the security of our roof looks like it has gained much from this venture. I do love trees, but I believe I find shelter more enjoyable. Hopefully I’ve given these logs the praise they deserve.

Take a look at the dirt here. Next time you see it, Lord willing, there will be a stone wall emerging from it’s depths.


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