The Tiny Cabin

So here goes nothing. My wife and I are going to build a tiny home. It’s been in the planning for a few months but we were hesitant to spread the word until we were for sure it was going to happen. We have the deed to a small piece of property on Bunner’s Ridge in West Virginia that amounts to about 1/3 of an acre. It is a wooded lot directly across from my wife’s grandparents’ house. It’s just gorgeous, too.

   When I say tiny, I mean tiny. So tiny, it makes us a tad uncomfortable. The plan is for this tiny home to be temporary until we had the funds to build something bigger for our future children. In the end, we hope for the tiny home to be a guest home.

It will be 12′ x 16′, approximately the size of our living room. There will be a loft for sleeping, and half of the ceiling open vaulted. A tiny kitchen and a tiny bathroom will accommodate this home. The only thing we won’t have room for is laundry appliances.

The home will be a timber frame (as of right now). I could very easily botch the joinery and make a large pile of firewood for myself, but that is a risk I’m willing to take. The posts and beams will be of 8″ x 8″ poplar aside from the floor sills and joists which will be of oak.

It will sit atop a field stone basement foundation with only an exterior entrance that is designed to make it a root cellar. Here is a proposed sketch of the cabin:

   Though it is very very tiny, I will be able to fit my 6’2″ self in the center of the loft standing up due to the pitch of the roof… My wife and I realize that there are going to be many challenges to this project with most of them beginning once we move in. We currently live in a 722 sq. foot home with a full basement that is partially finished. This would most definitely make us prioritize. As much as I hate storage units, I believe we might have to utilize one until we were to build the bigger home.

For now, we’re looking forward to this tiny adventure… We think. I plan to make updates as we go along. Currently, we’re spending a lot of time gathering stone, cleaning up the property and staking out the excavation site. Stay tuned for progress.


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